“I think drivers are abusing the car park – can I set a time limit and effectively enforce it…”

Why choose us?

400 sites capturing 15m number plates

We manage approximately 400 sites across the country and our systems read an average of 15 million number plates each week. We have experience of managing car parks across a range of sectors, including blue chip companies, leading supermarket chains, large and small retail parks, office complexes and property management companies.

Variety of clients, big brands

We work with a variety of clients – from big brands with big budgets to smaller, more boutique set-ups which are often new to the industry. That is why we offer cost-neutralising schemes that make the ANPR start-up costs non-tangible for those companies that might not be in a position to outlay initial expenses.

Leading providers of ANPR

Highview benefits from its close relationship with Ranger Services Ltd, who continue to be the leading providers of ANPR solutions to the industry since pioneering the use of this technology in car park management back in 2003. This relationship means Highview is best placed to deliver a managed solution for our clients’ individual needs, at the lowest possible cost.