“I think drivers are abusing the car park – can I set a time limit and effectively enforce it…”

Our expertise

A complete managed service

ANPR cameras and off-the-shelf software are just two of the many tools needed to create an effective car park management service.

Highview does not simply sell ANPR equipment; it offers a complete managed service dealing with our clients’ car park problems, which incorporate ANPR technology as part of the solution. Our clients benefit from new products and additional functionality is always being introduced to a service that is constantly evolving.

A wealth of experience and expertise

There are many aspects to consider:

  • What equipment to use. You can buy very cheap ANPR equipment and software; but can you be sure they will work effectively? We work with Ranger Services who fully test all equipment and software to make sure that the system is accurate, durable and reliable.
  • How to position the cameras so that nothing is missed.
  • How to be sure that each violation is genuine and verified by a trained team member.
  • How to handle the management of permits for staff, tenants and visitors
  • System monitoring to identify issues and remote troubleshooting to resolve them
  • Next day equipment maintenance and installation nationwide

Unbeatable car park management

  • Processing payments online or by phone.
  • Handling of appeals and all correspondence.
  • Sending alerts when vehicles of interest enter specified sites.
  • Statistical reporting and analysis of car park usage trends.
  • Software enhancements and new products: ANPR is a fast growing industry and is evolving every year with new enhancements and functionality driven by our clients’ demands for an increased level of service, and spearheaded by Ranger Services innovation. The risk of buying a product “off the shelf” is that within 12 months you are already a step behind.

Through its relationship with Ranger Services, Highview Parking benefits from a wealth of experience and expertise in developing technology solutions using ANPR, in order to create unbeatable car park management services.