Administration Back Office

Highview Parking’s managed service issues Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) by post, rather than leaving it on a driver’s windscreen. This is designed to prevent the client from having to bear the full force of someone’s anger at the car park itself. Instead, our dedicated UK call centre handles all calls and appeals in a highly professional and calm way, removing any interaction between the recipient and the store or service station where they originally parked, acting as a buffer, so that the client and their brand are not affected.

Image Checking

On average, Highview Parking manages 2,000 parking violations each day, adhering to strict processes which ensure parking violations are dealt with correctly. Our dedicated back office team manually checks each image provided by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras on site. If data amendment is required – for example when a discrepancy occurs through misreading a vehicle’s number plate picked up by the entry and exit cameras – we will update the record, to ensure ‘in’ and ‘out’ images match for each vehicle captured.

Once image checks have been completed, data is sent to the DVLA via a secure online system. Access to the DVLA system is through Highview Parking’s membership of the British Parking Association (BPA) and the Approved Operator Scheme (AOS). The DVLA processes the information the same evening and returns the registered keeper’s details by the next morning. PCNs are then finalised and distributed via post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Call Centre and Correspondence – appeals, cancellations and payments

Highview Parking’s dedicated UK call centre consists of an automated payment line and a manned enquiry line, through which our staff deal with hundreds of calls each week. As a member of the BPA, Highview Parking is bound by the Association’s Code of Practice, which means that our experienced appeals handling team deals with every letter, e-mail and fax from customers wishing to appeal their charge or make a payment, from start to finish.

We are committed to replying to correspondence within 1-2 working days and keep all appeals on file until a case is closed. By adopting a customer-focused approach to this process, Highview Parking aims to eliminate unnecessary stress for the recipient, whilst each complaint is dealt with quickly and efficiently by us, rather than the site manager or owner, thereby removing any potential hassle for our client or damage to their brand.

Client and Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, Highview Parking recognises that our customer is the client’s customer. Therefore, if a car park user has a complaint, we do our utmost to remove the client’s brand from the process, with the aim of ensuring that the driver will continue to use that store, service station or supplier in the future.

Aside from the BPA’s Code of Practice, we work within the boundaries of each client’s own appeal- handling policy, giving the client control regarding when to take a hard line and when to apply leniency to an appeal.

Our services are built on 8 years of experience in the car parking industry during which we have firmly established ourselves at the top of the industry. The service we deliver is second to none and our impressive array of clients is testament to our unparalleled success.

Internal Information System

Highview Parking has developed a bespoke system to record all information relating to past, present and potential Parking Charge Notices. This invaluable system, instantly accessible to all who work in the company, provides comprehensive information ranging from individual cases to our clients’ Terms and Conditions. Users can view photographic evidence of any violations and can search using a wide variety of criteria to find out even the smallest details of a particular case. With its easy-to-use interface, our system stores complex information that has been accrued over a long period of time and presents it in a manageable format, allowing staff to view and make notes on violations or correspondence whenever necessary. This essential, centralised system is undoubtedly one of Highview Parking’s finest assets and allows us to provide a speedy, highly-effective service to our clients and, in turn, to their associates.