Managing a camera controllted car park – whether it is for 5 vehicles or 500 vehicles – and ensuring the car park is being used by the appropriate people, and within the appropriate time parameters, can be a complex process.

However, Highview Parkings pioneering car park reporting system is designed to remove all the associated complexities from the site owner or manager. Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) , we provide clients with a comprehensive web-based car park management portal. This generates a variety of data and graphs on an hourly basis that not only helps you manage your car parking facilities, but delivers wider ranging statistics that could support your business’s commercial strategy and operations.

The standard usage reporting options in the parking management portal are:

  • Number of vehicles in and out
  • Average duration of vehicle visits (in increments, broken up by permitted visits and customers)
  • Staff and visitor usage
  • Parking charge notices issued
  • Space usage (percentage of the car park utilised by customers/staff)

Additionally, the portal can produce income- related reports which detail:

  • Number of days taken from parking violation to document processed
  • Number of cancellations
  • Number of payments
  • Payment revenue

Highview Parking works closely with its clients to assess their specific requirements in terms of reports, and tailors the system accordingly. Therefore, as well as the ‘out the box’ reporting options detailed above, we can provide bespoke reports. Having installed an ANPR system, but before a parking time limit is decided, we work with clients to review reports, and check for statistical evidence which supports a particular time limit being imposed. This approach is especially necessary where customers’ perception of your brand could be negatively influenced by their perceived inconsistency of the enforcement rules in place in your car parks.

Ultimately, this means the parking management portal can provide powerful information which does more than purely ensure your car park is safe and well run. Through the comprehensive data produced, clients can identify the busiest time of day, or day of the week, as well as the average footfall on a daily or weekly basis. By identifying these trends, clients can map their customers’ activity and plan their wider commercial activities accordingly.