Tenant Management System

Managing the parking requirements of a large number of tenants in an office block can be a nuanced and sensitive process. With a greater number of on-site workers than available parking spaces, it is seldom possible for all employees to park whenever and wherever they require.

Recognising this challenge, Highview Parking has developed a Tenant Management System specifically designed to prevent site congestion and unauthorised parking, enabling tenants and their employees to have fair usage of the car park.

Understanding specific site requirements

In order to accommodate the needs of multiple tenants, Highview Parking will undertake an initial exercise to identify the nature of the car park abuse and how much is caused by tenants or the general public.

Using our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Highview Parkings camera controlled car park system captures data 24 hours a day, before providing the office block management with a comprehensive report and recommendation for overcoming the issues and protecting permit holders through use of a Tenant Management System.

Issuing and managing permits and enforcement of maximum tenant allocation

Highview Parking provides clients with a web-based portal, through which tenants can also manage their respective permit list, in order to reduce management and administration costs for the site owner and to ensure that the tenant could not abdicate responsibility for any errors. Moreover, our system gives the site manager full visibility and control of permit allocation to ensure they are not abused.

With a pre-defined allocation of spaces, tenants can be invoiced at agreed times – weekly, monthly, or quarterly – regarding the number of overused spaces, and identifying which vehicles were occupying them on each day. It is therefore down to the tenant (rather than the site management) to pursue violators who work for their firm. This approach - instead of charging permit holders for overstaying - is designed to prevent confrontations, especially for people with a permit but no parking space.

For non-permit holders, such as commuters using local transport links, the ANPR system continues to identify vehicles and subsequently issues Parking Charge Notices to the unauthorised users.